Wild Boar

The symbolism of Wild Boar is that of truth, courage and confrontation. In some native Indian tribes Wild Boar was used as a way to teach young braves how to be honest and find their courage when they told a lie to the tribe. The lie is symbolic of your own inner deceit and weaknesses. The warrior would have to face the truth, and the Wild Boar even if that means facing his own death. Armed with only a knife, the warrior would need the courage to accept the consequences of his actions. He would face these consequences through the Boar.

The Wild Boar is a message to be honest in all we do and have the courage to face the problems in our life that seem dreadful or uncomfortable. If you have the symbol of Wild Boar coming into your awareness then this could be a message that you need to step up and face some confrontations in your life that you have been avoiding. Have you been truthful with yourself and others? The message here could also be that you are lying to yourself and possibly other people. You need to face the reality of your situation and have the courage to look at it in the light of truth...complete truth!

 Have you been procrastinating about something important, or on confronting someone or something? This could very well be the message of Wild Boar. If not, perhaps you need to face the ugly truth within? Stop lying to yourself and others. Find your courage to deal with the people or situations that has kept you in denial and dishonesty. Wild Boar is about true integrity and it's important you live your life with this motto or the ugly truth can come back and  'Boar' you.

This Wild Boar message is telling you it's time to face your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Be brave, courageous and live life with true integrity, facing all your responsibilities and dealing with the things you have been avoiding for too long. Free yourself from the burdens and accept the reality of your life in all it's forms. Do what you know you should do, following your intuition. When you lie to yourself and escape reality you create illness in the body. Don't let this happen, face the problems in your life that you have been avoiding! Don't let fear overtake you. Use your fears as an energy source for courage!

Deep down you personally know why Wild Boar is sending you this message.  Honor yourself and spirit by facing the problem, bringing resolve. You will feel so much better. This is the symbolism of Wild Boar.