Elder Futhark Rune Meanings - BERKANA / BJARKAN

Rune Meaning Berkana - "Birch"
Alternative Names
Anglo-Friesian/Germanic: Berkanan
Old Norse: Bjarkan
Old English: Beorc
Other names/spellings: Bairkan, Bercna, Berkana, Berkano, Beroc

Berkana equates to the letter B in our common alphabet.

Berkano stimulates mental healing. This rune emphasizes the mind and makes use of the power of thought to affect the body. Berkana represents femininity and holds the ability to give birth to new concepts, to be motherly and nurturing. The runic shape of Berkana illustrate the sexuality of a woman's breasts. Berkana is the rune  that holds feminine energy which resides in both male's and female's. Berkana embraces mindfulness into everyday life for staying balanced, healthy, and connected with your projects in early stages and difficult moments.

From the historical rune poems about Berkana we get:
The Anglo-Saxon rune poem translated says: "Birch bears no fruit; yet without seed it brings forth suckers, for it is generated from its leaves. Splendid are its branches and gloriously adorned its lofty crown, which reaches to the skies."

This is the rune of being flexible without breaking; bringing new life after death. All new beginnings need to be cared for, stay close to the Self. Keywords: fertility, nurturing, domestic situations, loved ones, healing and life-giving, renewal, growth, health, new beginnings,purification

This video contains one of my rune poems that can be used for meditation with the energy of Berkana.
Blessings ~Sigha Manning