Buffalo is perhaps one of the most sacred animals of all, especially to the plains Indians of North America. The keywords used for this sacred symbol is abundance and prayer. Buffalo represents having everything one needs when a life of balance is being lived. Sharing, sacrifice, and being grateful for all we have are other words used to describe the symbology of the Buffalo.If this symbol is being brought to you, then it's a message from Spirit that this is a time of plenty, or to ease your worry because a time of abundance is sure to follow. This could also be a message that sharing your abundance with others in need might be necessary. If you have no worries about your survival needs at the moment then this sacred animal could be showing you that prayer may be needed right now, either for yourself or others. Buffalo is reminding you that you are never alone. Not only will you be provided great abundance on the physical but you should be ready to accept great spiritual abundance as well. Buffalo also represents being open and loving to others and to allow them to walk their own path even if it's not the same path as your own. Being accepting of all creatures and their ways, is the way of the Buffalo. Find the joy in life, release lack; be accepting of others, pray for what you need and for the needs of everyone; be grateful for what you already have; share your abundance with those around you; live in balance with your surroundings and be willing to sacrifice for the whole tribe. These are the messages Buffalo brings you, embrace them!