Lizard is the symbol of dreams, the dreamer and shadowy depths of other realities we perceive that is not on the physical plane of existence. Other keywords I use for this creature are greater-awareness, camouflage, relaxation, day-dreaming, goals, desires and visions. If you have Lizard appearing in your reality right now then this could be a message to become more aware of your thoughts and dreams and to understand yourself on a deeper level. Have you been having unusual dreams lately? These dreams could be valuable clues to what this message is all about for you. Maybe you have had a difficult time remembering your dreams and this could be a message to take note of them by having a pen and paper near your bed to record what is passing through your mind while you sleep. As soon as you awake, write down all you can remember. This will be helpful in decoding your personal message from Lizard and the world of Spirit. Other meanings of this symbol could be to pay attention to what you are thinking and daydreaming about as you go about your day. We can either live in fear or joy mentally and it is important to realize that "what you resist will persist" so if you spend too much time thinking about all your fears you will attract manifested fear. Try to keep the mind on positive thoughts that you wish to manifest rather than what you do not want or you could be in for a surprise.What about visions? Lizard could be communicating a message of higher vision and goals for your life. Or maybe you have been having visions that you do not understand? The message is to take some time alone and do some soul searching. Perhaps you could find a warm sunny rock to sit on while you meditate on these visions and ideas, examining all your dreams and allowing the message from Spirit to enter you and fill you with universal wisdom. No matter what, the message from Lizard is to pay attention to your thoughts and dreams, both while awake and sleeping! Find the alone time to go deeper into the dream world and your personal message from Lizard will become clear.