Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog is symbolic of the need to retreat. Prairie Dogs as well as all the Marmot tribes know the true advantage of this technique. When these creatures are in trouble or need to escape harm, Prairie Dogs go underground and retreat into the safety of the Earth, leaving themselves many escape routes. They know when to push forward and when to retreat. In the winter, Prairie Dogs will go deep into the Earth and conserve energy as they hibernate through the cold harsh conditions on the surface. This is all symbolic of knowing when to assert yourself and knowing when to retreat back into self. If you have the symbology of Prairie Dog coming into your awareness then this could be a message that your energy levels are running low and you might think about retreating into a calm safe place to replenish your life force. Perhaps the stresses of life are starting to overwhelm you? The message here could be to retreat! Take some time away, don't let life back you up into a corner. Make sure you have an escape route to keep yourself strong and healthy. If you are unable to leave your life for a bit and go on some physical relaxation retreat then maybe you just need to retreat into self for awhile and find the silence? When life becomes too stressful, then it's time to be like the Prairie Dog and retreat into the stillness of your mind. Find the time to be alone and at one with your thoughts and feelings. Prairie Dog could be showing you that more meditation time is necessary to regain mental and emotional clarity. Can you manage to retreat into some quiet place with yourself? If you do, Spirit will greet you within this space and help resolve your struggles. Perhaps you are working too hard and spending all your energy too quickly, not taking proper time to maintain strong mental and emotional health? Don't let this happen to you! Stop all the activity and retreat into safety and take the time to rest! Connect with Mother Earth and all her creatures. Rest your mind, all will be fine if you do this and after you take some time for yourself you can get back to work with a fresh new perspective on your situation. This is the possible symbolic message being sent to you by Prairie Dog - Retreat!