The symbology of Salmon is that of Wisdom and Inner Knowing. The Spirit of Salmon has a direct connection with source energy and will always return to its roots and place of creation. This is symbolic of finishing what you start despite the challenges faced and always doing what is right based on your gut knowledge. Salmon could also be reflecting the courage needed to start down a new path in life; one that might seem daunting and very challenging. Salmon's inner wisdom and knowing can not be thwarted  by exterior events or influences that are faced along the way. Each bend in the river; each rapid crossed on the journey, is in fact what gives this creature so much wisdom. The wisdom of experience. Salmon has the courage to stay on its path, and in the flow with its inner knowing and sense of what is right. It's about having the courage to face the challenges of life, accepting every situation as a lesson and adventure for more wisdom. If you have the symbology of Salmon coming into your awareness then this could be a message to get back in touch with your true authentic self and inner knowing. Trust yourself! Have you been seeking approval from sources outside of your own source wisdom? Salmon might very well be representing a need to start trusting your instincts more and stop worrying about public opinion. Perhaps you have lost your way at this phase of your journey and Salmon may be reflecting a need to stop, go within for a bit and reflect on your life situation, your path, and where you are on that right now. Are you still heading in the direction of your life path that your inner knowing can feel is right? If you have become lost and not sure which route to take. Go back to where things got confusing and see if your intuition can lead you back in the flow. Don't let people manipulate you or keep you from doing what your gut is calling for. Salmon swimming upstream could be symbolic of life and people persuading you to do something against your intuition. Be sure to take in the opinions of others, truly listen to their ideas but ultimately come back home to self and make sure this fits with your own sense of what is right for you. If you are dealing with a difficult decision in life Salmon is reflecting a need to be honest and true with yourself. Are you avoiding taking action on something based on fears or judgments? Are you afraid of what is around the next bend if you start down this path? Salmon energy is about embracing every challenge and obstacle in life as lessons and a way for more is an adventure! Embrace the waves, riding them gracefully and with a sense of purpose and doing what you know is right while still remaining open to what others say. Every rapid in life is an opportunity to gain more soul wisdom. Be brave and accept the challenge. All the answers are within. Trust yourself! This is the symbology of Salmon.