Blue Heron

This sacred waterbird is symbolic of self-reflection while on the path to enlightenment; knowing thyself while discovering its gifts and finding the courage to face its challenges. This is about embracing the elements of Water and Air - diving deep into the watery depths of your soul while staying objective about what you find, viewing those discoveries from a higher perspective where universal truth and knowing resides. Balance is the goal here as self-reflection will lead you to the areas of your life that need refinement and more truth. As you're looking at your inner world from the perspective of Blue Heron you will be able to recognize your motivations; your judgements to both self and others; your self-sabotages based on ego and denial; your gifts and most authentic qualities, along with all the little things that keep you tripped up and stuck in the world of pain and suffering within, which gets reflected back to you in your outer world. Once you clean up and balance the inner, your outer changes as well. Blue Heron energy is able to view self thru a cold eye, embracing the truth that only we are responsible for our life, including the obstacles we face as we are evolving on our life path; understanding that there is no victims in life, that all lessons reflected back to us from the outer world is directly related to how we feel on the inside and taking full responsibility for everything in our life. We come to earth and live life for lessons and soul growth which can be painful at time when we fight what is and deny our role in the truth that we have the power of mind to change how we feel and react to it. These deep truths can be very difficult for some people to accept. Ego, self-pity, blaming others, victimization, self importance, low self-worth, all these things keep us in pain and suffering. In other words, finding more humility and authenticity, trusting our purpose and path in this life, no matter what our experiences have been thus far.

If you are receiving the symbology of Blue Heron in your life right now then this is a message from Spirit to delve deep into your inner world of feelings to discover your most authentic truths. Take time out to examine self, looking at your reflection from a deeper yet higher perspective and recognizing your weaknesses and strengths;  facing the challenges and weak spots of your personality with courage and willingness to balance the self in full acceptance while embracing your authentic wonderful gifts that you are here to share with others on your path to enlightenment. It does take courage to view self from this perception and Blue Heron is guiding the way to help show you your true value. Do you have the courage to face the enemy within? This is the message being brought you by this sacred waterbird of deep truths. Embracing your inner truths will keep you on the right path to spiritual enlightenment and often necessary when we find ourselves getting tripped up in life!  This is the possible symbology being reflected to you by Blue Heron.