Raccoon is symbolic of the generous protector. This creature is the little bandit of the animal kingdom, always looking out for family and tribe, helping the less-fortunate even if that means stealing from the rich to feed the poor.

When Raccoons go on a raiding party they always give the best finds to their lookout,  a respected member of the tribe that has earned the trust and respect of the others. Raccoon medicine is rare in this world because it's about giving for the sake of giving and caring for others out of pure integrity without thinking about getting anything in return.

If you have the symbol of Raccoon coming into your awareness then this is a message that you may want to start helping other people in your life more than yourself. Taking care of yourself is equally important and should always be a priority or you won't be able to help others at all. It's easy to tell if this message from spirit is to take care of yourself more, or start helping other people you see in need of strength and support. Just look over your life and ask yourself if you have plenty of resources right now? How about your energy levels? If these things are depleted Raccoon could be showing you to think of yourself first right now and stop helping others that could be draining you of your resources and energy.

 Raccoon only wants to help empower others to become more resourceful, but never takes care of people who take advantage and or is just lazy to take care of self. If this is the case, then take back your power and start looking out for yourself more before other people. If you have much abundance right now then the message is to help others more. Support people in your life that deserve it. Help bring their strength levels back up and do this out of pure joy and love. When you help others in this way without concern for self, you create a flow of abundance that keeps coming in as you give out, as long as you stay in balance with self.

 The Raccoon symbol could indicate that it's time to fight for the underdog of your tribe. Take pride of yourself and family, showing much honor and respect to your elders and the people that have always been there for you, or truly need you at this time. Do whatever it takes to keep self, family, and tribe safe and protected. These are the possibilities of what's being reflected back to you by spirit, thru Raccoon.