Hummingbird is symbolic of the heart, joy, balance, harmony, peace, love, beauty and  higher vibrations of consciousness which always leads to a state of pure love and bliss on Earth. In some ancient traditions Hummingbird was associated with the Ghost Spirit religion which taught that a certain dance done properly would bring a return of blance to Mother Earth and all her creatures within, where all life including animals, plants and trees are seen as equals to humans. The Mayans saw Hummer as a gateway into that same dimension which they called the fifth world and humans would once again live in balance and harmony within their home and cycles of nature. Because this little bird of bliss also represents sacred union, love and reproduction, Hummingbird feathers have been used for thousands of years as the main ingredient in love charms which open the heart and attract that same vibration. Without an open loving heart you can never taste the sweet nectar and pure bliss of life. If Hummingbird is coming into your awareness then a message of joy and bliss is being brought to you! Get ready for a new burst of creative energy! Spirit is showing you that in order to truly manifest your new dreams and desires, you first need to add an element of joy and excitement into the mix. This is about holding a state of mind which views everything as perfect and beautiful just the way it is; seeing the beauty in all things, including yourself.  Hummingbird could be showing you that action needs to be balanced with joy and acceptance of what is in the moment in order for your truest dreams and desires to manifest in your life. Be like the flower and open your heart to the wonders and higher vibrations of life while you send out the same loving vibrations for all of nature's creations, viewing everyday as perfect, beautiful and magical. Be grateful for everything you have no matter how little you have. Never focus on fear, hate, anger, resentments or any other lower vibrations of consciousness that keep the magical creative gates shut. Hummingbird is trying to show you how to open.those gates through holding a state of love, forgiveness, acceptance and joy for all of life. Hummingbird is here to remind you of all this, so ask yourself if this message rings true for you....perhaps a little more joy in your life is needed at the moment? ;) Romance is in the air, feel excited, for new life is being created. This energy is available to us all when we consciously breathe in life and feel grateful and joyful for all the abundance we have  Find your joy and bliss! Honor your Spirit through having an open loving heart and share that gift with others. In doing so, your creative powers will be much more productive and a state of bliss will exist!