Dog symbolism represents loyalty and service. The Dog has been man's best friend for thousands of years acting as a guardian and a protector for the family. Dog can give us clear warning of impending danger that we might not otherwise see. If you have been receiving symbols of Dog come into your awareness then perhaps the message is asking you to look at your loyalty to a situation in your life. Or, is someone else in your life trying to show you loyalty and you have been unable to recognize it? Maybe Dog is showing you that the loyalty needs to be applied to your self first. Self-love, self-respect, self-loyalty is all messages that Dog could be sending you right now. Dog likes to live the example of being true to yourself. Also Dog is symbolic of service. Are you living a life of service right now? This could be the other messages Dog brings -- living a life of integrity and purpose by trying to be of service to the whole tribe as much as possible. Whatever message fits your current situation best, the main thing to remember here is to be loyal and true to yourself and others as well! That's true Dog medicine.

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