Dragonfly is an omen of change with a new reality emerging, or symbolic of the veils between worlds being very thin for you right now, having strong influence from other dimensions. Dragonfly can also indicate illusions and fantasy. Dragonfly is symbolic of the elemental world as well - the plants, trees, animals; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. If the symbol of Dragonfly is coming into your awareness then know that subtle spiritual messages are being sent to you.

Can you find the area of your life where you might need to break through old illusions that are holding you back, seeing something more clearly for what it really is? Are you being called to reconnect to nature grounding yourself in the earth as you have an reawakening into other realities? There could be a need for you to be aware of some illusion about something that is keeping you from action. The action to make a change in your life that you have been thinking about for some time? Don't let the illusions of your past keep you stagnate in your current reality, expand! Find the magick, wisdom and enlightenment of Dragonfly by reconnecting to the elemental world. Wisdom is nature and all wisdom can be gained through this connection to the elements of Mother Earth. Break your illusions and expand into a new reality.