Spider is symbolic of the weaver, creationinfinite possibilities,  symbols, patterns, fate, and female energy. If you have the symbology of Spider appearing in your awareness then Spirit might be showing you that it's time to create create create! Spider weaves the web of life, and fate with infinite possibilities, symbolic of her 8 legs and body symbol that looks like the number 8 - Infinity! Spider knows that whatever patterns she weaves now, will manifest in the near future. Have you caught something in your web from past creations or are you needing to create something new? Be sure to check the far perimeters of your web, you just might have something waiting for you and only takes a shift in your perceptions to understand the gift... or are you becoming too entangled in your own webs of deceit, or life patterns/habits?  Maybe Spider is representing your lack of creativity at the moment, or that you are coming too close to an entangling situation? You will know what message rings true for you here - trust your instincts, that is what honoring female energy is all about. No matter what the personal message Spider is trying to communicate with you, the universal message of Spider is of creation with infinite possibilities! So the question is, what are you creating? Make sure it fits with your current life path and is for the good of all involved. Use your Female Fire within to create anything you want; trust the process and watch your creations come into manifestation! These are the symbolic messages of Spider - Honor her through honoring your own creativity!