Elder Futhark Rune Meanings - ANSUZ

Ansuz Rune Meaning: Divine Breath or Ancestral Heritage ( Blueprint )
Alternative Names
Anglo-Freisian/Germanic: Ansuz
Old Norse: Ass
Old English: Os
Other names/spellings: Ansur, Ansus, As, Aza, Oss

Ansuz equates to the letter A in our common alphabet.

Ansuz is the rune of prophecy an ability that makes it possible to sense out wyrd from ones own mental conscious patterning. Ansuz is strongly connected to Odin as he gave gifts to the first humans like the breath of life and inspiration.  Frigga taught her husband Odin the art of seeing in return for knowledge about the runic energies. The ability to translate intuition into tangible form in existence is the art of Seidr, not to be confused with different timelines and parallels to what is in the present moment. Ansuz is that "gut feeling" you just know and will find out why you know what you knew before you found a suitable explanation to place your experience within meaning. This rune also holds the intellectual patterning of our ancestors within which will determine to what level we can use our imagination, the ability to shape thought patterns into form and or contemplate our wonderings.

From the historical rune poems about Ansuz we get:
The Anglo-Saxon rune poem translated says:
"The Mouth is the source of every speech,The mainstay of wisdom,
And solace of sages, And the happiness and hope of every eorl."

The Icelandic poem contents itself with a tribute to Odin:
Ansuz (i.e. Odin) is the ancient father, and Ásgard's chieftain, and the leader of Valhalla.

The Old Norse poem can tell us:
"The river mouth is the aim of most journeys, but a scabbard is the sword's."

Ansuz is the rune of integrated ancestral knowledge seeking expression through Spirit by the power of word.
Keywords: ancestral knowledge, elders, the spirit, breath, communication, self exploration, answers, intellect, key, opening locks, patience, listening.

This video contains one of my rune poems that can be used for meditation with the energy of Ansuz.
Blessings ~Sigha Manning