Whale symbology is that of the Record Keeper. Whale holds all the information of time and was placed here by the Ancients from Dog Star Sirius. Whale is actually a mammal and lived on land long ago, only making the move into the sea during the last major Earth changes when the land was flooded in a re-birthing process. Whale is also symbolic of sound healing and a type of clairaudients. This is about intuitive psychic energy using sound and water. If you are receiving the symbolism of Whale then this could be a message that you need to use your voice to open up ancient records with inside yourself or to help activate others, for healing purpose. Other options could be to use music or unique sounds such as drums, flutes or any kind of rhythmic tone/sound that penetrates deep, so to help this activation within you or for someone else. Are you needing answers to tough problems right now? The message from Whale could be that if you seek true knowing and are ready to accept the answers you find, the solutions are available within you at this time on your path through the psychic energy of sound, water and Spirit. Is there some way you can work with this energy? Whale will help you remember why you are here. Honor this symbol through embracing sound and hear the true message being brought to you - your destiny is calling, it's time to activate this ancient DNA within!
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