The symbolism of Dolphin is that of Manna - life force - breath of life. Dolphin also symbolizes communications, alternative language, the dreamtime, sound-healing and the rhythms of nature, life. If you have the symbolism of Dolphin appearing in your awareness then this could be a message from Spirit trying to show you how to breathe and regenerate the cells in your body. Proper breathing is vital to our health and Dolphin is a great example of how to feed your body with vital life force - Manna - breathing oxygen into your cells! It does not matter how well you eat or how many vitamins you take, without proper breathing you will quickly lose your Manna. Dolphin could also be showing you that sound healing and spiritual communications are needed in your life at this time for full vitality. Find the time to meditate and practice breathing. Find some uplifting music or other sounds, even from nature that can help you through this process of restoring your vitality. In doing so you will regain your strength, have clear spiritual communication, enabling you to be a link of solutions for other people in your life. Spread your joy, laugh at your own silliness and be mindful of your body rhythms and energy coming to you from the divine. Breathe and ride the joyful waves of life - these are the messages of Dolphin!