Bat is symbolic of death and rebirth. Many native traditions from around the world have used Bat  power as a way to go through a ritualistic death of the old and a rebirthing into the new. This is the medicine for Healers, Mystics, Shamans and any other spiritual practitioner that deals with healing other people in some way. Before you can truly heal others, you must first heal yourself! This is about performing symbolic ritual death as your initiation rite into the world of the Shamans and healers; breaking down all the old former notions of the "self" ; letting go of what you know to be true and what others have programmed you to this truly who you are now?  Does your old patterns still fit with your current life path, or is your old way of thinking and feeling holding you back? In the past these ritual deaths were very hard on the mind, body and spirit as this will show you what you are made of.  For example, some tribes would have their members taunt and spit on the initiate, pushing every emotional button they have only to make the Shaman-to be go out into the wilderness without food or water and dig his own grave and climb into the womb of  Mother Earth through the dark night as he is covered only by a single blanket, unable to move for many hours. The sounds of passing animals, the unknown and all the fears in the mind make this process very difficult to handle. But this example is just one out of many different possibilities. Not all people can pass these initiation rites and in fact,  if you fight too hard to hang on to your old self, you can become a "breached birth" so to speak, making this extremely difficult to get through and even a possibility of physical death do to your resistance of the new. Luckily,  you probably won't have to face such rituals but if you have the symbology of Bat coming into your awareness then you are being asked to let go of everything that does not serve you anymore on your current life path. This could be letting go of addictions, old habits, self-sabotages, old wounds, patterns, or anything else that keeps you from progressing in life. We are all here for soul growth, as nothing stays the same for too long; change is constant, do not resist! Are you flowing with the times, or hanging on to the past? If you resist these needed changes, you could very well face that "breached birth" making progress impossible. Don't fight your destiny! Be strong and let the death of your old self take place through some personal type ritual you perform so you can be rebirthed into your truest most authentic self. These are the messages of Bat - rebirth into your greatness!