Antelope is the symbol of decisive action.  This is a herd animal so the actions Antelope represent are not just about the self, but the whole tribe and family as well. The story goes that before the last ice age humans did not need to eat meat to survive because it was a time of plenty but as time went on and the glaciers persisted it became clear that the human race was in trouble if they did not take action and adapt to their changing environment. Antelope showed up with a message of hope and action for the humans, offering itself up to nourish them with his own flesh and warm them with his coat.The message from Antelope to humans was to take action right now, quickly, for the time is right if man was going to survive but he would surely die if no action was taken. Antelope taught the humans that life is a never ending cycle of death and rebirth, that sacrifice is sometimes needed and adaptability was a must, for nothing stays the same too long. Antelope showed humans how to use every part of his body for some good that could help the human tribe stay alive through the harsh conditions on planet Earth. If you have Antelope sending you a personal message then this could be a warning that you need to take decisive action in some area of your life, whether that be on the physical, mental or spiritual planes. This is about being resourceful. Antelope is asking you to look beyond the obvious and try to find the higher purpose of this message and find where the action is needed. This Spirit animal Antelope is asking you to do what is necessary to keep yourself healthy and strong, no matter what level that is on. You will know inside what this is all about for you and the message is not to procrastinate but to make a decision and then take the necessary action to achieve it! This needed action could be for anything and only you will know; you feel it and the time is right to go after it! This is the symbolism of Antelope, honor it by taking action!