Swan is the symbol of grace, acceptance, transformationinner knowing, intuition, element air & water , the flowfemininity and of course - surrendering to the greater mysteries of life. Swan shows us the need to let go of self-illusions and self- limitations that we keep ourselves stuck in by our own perceptions of the world and the conditioning we were brought up in as children. Swan symbolizes the need to let go of control and flow with the currents of your life, gracefully rather than fighting against them. Remember Swan was born a "ugly duckling" yet grew into a magnificent beautiful graceful creature that is always accepting of all experiences in the moment as they come. If you have Swan coming into your awareness then this could be a message that you might think about letting go of your need for control over your life at the moment. This is a sign not try and make too many plans for your life based on out-of-date perceptions and ideas of your past. Can you find a new way of doing something, that is different from before and flows better with your current life at the moment? Swan could also be showing you that your female intuition is strong and you need to honor those feelings within. Do you sometimes just "know" something is going to happen? Maybe you start thinking about someone and then they call you? This is Swan showing you your true knowing within. If you want to create your truest dreams you need to trust your female intuition and surrender to the greater forces at work in your life. No matter what obstacles, Swan always shows up gracefully, accepting everything as it comes. This is the symbolism of Swan - Honor her/self by surrendering and going with the flow of life!