Turkey symbolism is that of giving and sacrifice.
Native stories speak about the Turkey as the give-away Eagle. Always thinking of the whole tribe rather than itself. In honoring Turkey, some tribal members would give all their belongings away to help others of the tribe. The person who gives away the most and carries the burdens of the people is one of the most respected. This is the power of Turkey - sacrifice for the greater good of all! If you are receiving the symbology of Turkey then the Universe may be sending you a gift of some kind! This gift could be spiritual, material, or even intellectual. The gift may be great or small, but it is never insignificant. Congrats! On the other hand, Turkey could be showing you that sacrifice is needed on your part. Do you have plenty right now? If so, Turkey may be asking you to share your gifts of abundance with others who are less fortunate. Remember, what you do for others, you do for yourself! Perhaps you are fearful of letting go of your resources? Never fear, when you give for the sake of giving and not to get then you will be provided for by the Great Spirit! Trust, let go of the past, be generous to all living creatures and accept the gifts and abundance from the Universe.  This is the symbolism of Turkey.