Ant symbolizes patients, trust, community, building, stamina, scrutiny and sacrifice. Ant has a inner knowing of its place in the system and is content with being in the now and working on a goal or project that may take time to accomplish. If Ant symbolism is coming into your awareness then a message of patients is being brought to you. Are you working on some important goal or project at the moment? Ant is asking you to possibly work with others on this project and not cut any corners. Take your time and trust that the end result will be exactly like you envisioned it. Try and keep a steady pace so you won't get burnt out before the project is completed. Trust natural law. If you do, harmony always follows. Don't let your impatience sabotage your plans for the future, let it all play out in it's proper timing. If you allow your panic to outweigh your rational sensibilities, disappointment will follow. Find patients and work in a slow steady pace for the greater good of all. This is the symbolism of Ant!