Rabbit symbolizes fear. Not only fear but the ability to draw close that which it fears. This is a very important symbol and if you've received this message then you might want to pay close attention! Rabbit fears everything and the amount of anxiety Rabbit has to endure is frightening indeed. It's important not to forget: what you resist will persist! If Rabbit is trying to speak with you then perhaps you have been thinking about all the stuff you don't want to happen? Maybe you have been fearful of a certain result of a situation you are anticipating? Whatever the fears, Rabbit is trying to show you that if you keep your focus on the things you don't want to happen, you will get those very things! Stop creating your fears and start creating your hopes and dreams! Don't do anything out of fear or because you think you "have to". Find a way to release your anxieties through, perhaps more meditation and stillness. If you are having trouble, another exercise you could do is to write down all your fears and then perform a fire ceremony where you burn the paper of fears and imagine them vaporizing right in front of your eyes, releasing that negative energy back into neutral energy. Do you have something you need to accomplish? Don't be fearful! Go with the flow of life and don't be afraid of change. Accept all situations in your life as divine lessons. You create how you perceive reality and have the power to decide if you live in fear or harmony. Which will you choose? There's nothing to fear thru  Metamorphoses, use the fear as your power confronting it all.  This is the message Rabbit brings, fear - transform it!