The main keyword for Raven is Magic. Raven is solid black, not the color of evil, but the same color as the Great Void, or the Great Mystery of life, symbolizing spirituality and the nonphysical. Raven is the messenger from the spiritual realities to the physical. Raven speaks the message of change, usually on a consciousness level. Raven is that of the Air element and is a good carrier of intentions back to the Great Void where they are able to manifest for us on the physical world of matter, through the spiritual. A good way to harness the magic of this bird is to burn some incense cedar while you pray and meditate. Your intentions will rise with the smoke and be carried to the Great Mystery on the back of Raven. This is sacred magic and not to be taken lightly. Raven can carry the intentions of good or bad so it's important you are clear and know exactly what you are doing while handling this powerful magic from the void, where all things manifest. If Raven is speaking with you then it could be a message that some change in your reality is needed right now. Have you lost your faith in the Great Mystery of life? Have you been dabbling in magic that could be harmful to yourself or others? Are you or someone close to you in need of healing magic right now? Go deep within to discover the personal message this bird of magic is trying to send to you. All answers are available to you when you connect to Spirit.