Mountain Lion

The symbolism of Mountain Lion is leadership, strength, courage, integrity and power. As well, using powerful short energy bursts to achieve something is also words that could be used to describe this animal. Mountain Lion doesn't have to lead through force but rather, through a graceful strength of example. If you have seen a Mountain Lion or have the symbolism of the Mountain Lion come into your awareness then a message of leadership is being brought to you. This responsibility of a true leader is never easy. It takes courage and strength to push forward, even when you are tired and burnt out, doing what you know is right. Are you using your power in a kind balanced way, or forcing your rules on others through dictatorship? Maybe Mountain Lion is trying to show you that graceful leadership works better than forceful leadership. Truth is also the responsibility of a leader. This message could be telling you that more integrity and truth are needed in your leadership role at the moment. A leader does what is right despite any conflicts that come about from those decisions. It's also possible you and others could benefit from becoming more stealthy in your activities. Be graceful and easy in all you do; build your courage and use it to follow your heart, not allowing others to control your actions. You must claim your leadership abilities and start down the path you know is right. If others follow you, then okay,  accept the role of their leader but if you find yourself alone on a lonely path then remember that the lessons you are learning now could prove to be very valuable for yourself and others later when you accept a more leading role. Trust the process and live your life with pure integrity. Take in the energy of this beautiful creature and try and understand the personal message being sent to you. In doing so, you will be able to incorporate the courage, strength, integrity and power of Mountain Lion into your current situation.