The 15th animal symbol on my list is the Wolf. The symbolism here speaks of the teacher and pathfinder.  Like Dog, Wolf is a very loyal creature. Wolf is a social animal yet realizes the value of being alone, at one with self and Spirit. Wolf also has amazing senses. Other keywords for Wolf are: Sacred knowledge, intuition, dreams and ideas, the Moon,  dog star Sirius and courage. If Wolf is sending you a message then you might have some knowledge that you are being asked to share with the world. Is there something you should be teaching the rest of us right now, something that could be very valuable to the whole tribe? Maybe Wolf is asking you to find new ideas or a new path for a complicated situation in your life right now? The message could also be to seek out alone time where you can connect to Spirit so new ideas can come to you. Be like Wolf and trust your instincts and intuition. Find the courage to share your sacred knowledge with the world. Wolf is reminding us that anything can be a teacher...trees, stones, animals, plants and so on. Find the lesson or teach the lesson. Take time away from the crowds. Take in the strength and wisdom of this power animal while you meditate and you'll be able to tap into that inner knowing and find what message Wolf is trying to communicate to you.