Badger represents aggressiveness. Just like Skunk has a reputation in the animal kingdom, so does Badger. Although Badger's reputation is that of pure fire and a quick temper, easy to anger. Badger is known for her fierceness and her willingness to attack.  This creature lives in a burrow home in the Earth, so she is also known as the keeper of the medicine roots of Mother Earth which symbolizes aggressive natural healing. If you have received a symbolic message from Badger than perhaps you need some fire behind your actions. Badger could be showing you that you need to aggressively attack some project, hope, dream, or problem that you've been faced with? How is your health? The message could also be that aggressive healing is needed at this time and to take charge in that process. Find the healing herbs of the Earth that can cure you or someone close to you. Use unconventional healing means if you have to. It's time to take charge of your life, only you are in control. Trust your abilities to make it through this tough situation. Use the fire energy of Badger and aggressively fight for your health or for the health of your loved one, or your goals! Trust your healing abilities with the use of Fire! This is the message from Badger, honor her through aggressive healing of self or others.