Opossum symbolism is that of diversion and strategy. Opossum is the best actor of the animal kingdom. Whenever things get too stressful, Opossum simply just plays dead! This is Opossum's best defense and usually can avoid trouble with this strategy. When the attacker is confused, Opossum can run away to safety. If this symbol is coming to you then it's a message that you may have to use strategy in a currently tough or stressful situation you are facing at the moment. Maybe you need to play dead for awhile? In other words, take a break from the problem if you can. If you can't, try and find your best strategy to overcome the problem. Be clever in your actions. Expect the unexpected and show unexpected actions to others. Use your brain and the element of surprise to get you past this challenge you're facing. The power of diversion and strategy are the messages being brought to you by Opossum - use it!
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