Crow represents Sacred Law. This bird also symbolizes magick, the shadow, shape-shifting, shamanism, the supernatural, integrity, omen of change, reality and illusions.Crow is the keeper of sacred law and can see the unseen illusions of the world. Crow has the ability to shape-shift from one reality to the next. Crow knows that human laws are not the same as sacred laws. Crow has been associated with magick and therefore can bring about change of reality. What you do in the present moment determines your future and Crow is very aware of this fact. If Crow is trying to speak with you then it could be a message that it's time to shape-shift your reality from the past into the future by living integrity, walking your truths and focusing on the present moment which actually creates your future. Crow could  also be showing you that some change in your life is imminent. Try and not fight change but flow with it. The message from Crow could also be that you are not seeing some situation through the proper sight of the higher mind.; that illusions are present. Do you have any legal issues happening right now? Crow is reminding you that human laws are much different than that of sacred law and it's only sacred law that truly matters. Crow is asking you to walk and talk your truths despite any conflicts that could bring you. Personal integrity is important. Go deep within, connect to the power of Crow and that of the supernatural to find the message being sent to you by this bird of the Shamans. The Great Spirit could be showing you how to heal a difficult situation, through integrity and truth. Live it and let Crow teach you the power of magick!