When you see the symbol of Bear, it's a sign that introspection is needed in your life right now. Bear symbolizes consciousness and the inner-knowing from the void where the answers to every question can be found. Bear could be symbolizing a time in your life where taking time to meditate could be helpful in solving a current problem or dilemma. By finding a quiet place where you won't be disturbed and can connect with Spirit all solutions to your current problematic situations can be had. Taking the time out for introspection and connecting with Spirit is what the Bear represents to me. Getting away from the crowds and finding the answers within. Whenever a visionary, mystic, truth seeker, or any other spiritual person heads out for isolation, they are embracing the power of Bear! Go deep within, find the silence of the void and trust the visions you receive while there. Intuition is strong with Bear medicine. Trust it, let the powerful senses of Bear be your guide to the right path for you at this time. I also associate Bear with Family and Home so perhaps going within your cave for awhile and dealing with home and family issues could be another message from Spirit with this symbol. Whatever the case, introspection is needed. Embrace the inner knowing and power of Bear!