Beaver represents the builder, goals, teamworkhard workwater, Earth, productivity and achievement. If Beaver is trying to send you a message then it's possible that there is some work that needs to be done? Maybe Beaver is showing you that working with others is necessary for your project right now. Something you have been procrastinating needs to be worked on. It's time for action. Beaver could be a sign that your inner dreams and goals need to be realized and brought out to the physical world - to make your dreams a reality. If this doesn't apply, Beaver could be warning you to watch your back and to understand that teamwork is much more productive than going it alone. It might be time to accept the help you need in your current project. Be the builder and build your dreams into solid form with the help of others. Find new and alternative ways to making your plans work. Don't dam the whole river, but direct the flow in your favor. Give yourself an escape route so to never be trapped by only one way of doing things.