Butterfly is a symbol of self- transformation. Butterfly is that of the air element so not only a sign of transformation in general but also that of transforming your mental perceptions about the world. The symbolism here is talking about change and evolution; the process of life; the cycles we live in. Butterfly is about the now and transforming negative energies into positive; living in the moment. Color is also a factor in Butterfly symbolism. The color being presented to you from Butterfly could be a message that those colors are needed in your life right now. Perhaps the color is highlighting the corresponding chakra that could use some spiritual work. If you are being sent a message from Butterfly right now then there is a need to transform some area of your life. Or you could be focused too much on the past and the future, neglecting the present moment. Trust the process of life and let things unfold naturally. Trust in Spirit's plans for you. Ask yourself if you could use the color therapy Butterfly is offering. If you have been feeling too negative lately than look for Butterflies and they will help you transform those negative energies into positives. Accept all change as needed in your life transformation. Nothing can stay the same for too long, Butterfly makes this clear. Live in the moment and find the joy of life! Embrace the Air. Embrace color. embrace transformation!