Turtle is symbolic of Mother Earth; Goddess energy; the eternal Mother. Cycles of give and take are also keywords that could be used here to describe Turtle. The Shell of Turtle is symbolic of a shield, or our personal protection. Are you in some unpleasant situation where you could use protection from the harmful words or actions of others? If so, Turtle is reminding you to ground yourself with Mother Earth and use your personal shields to deflect unwanted negative energies. Perhaps you are in a hurry to achieve something that you want in your life. The Turtle symbol could be showing you that there is no need to rush. Working at your own pace is perfectly acceptable and encouraged by Turtle. All things come in their proper timing is the message from Turtle. Overall I think if you see this symbol come into your awareness then Spirit is asking you to be more grounded; connect with the elements of Earth and Water. Use your shields to deflect unwanted energies; slow the pace of your life down and realize that everything has it's proper place and time. Align with female energy and look at everything through the eyes of compassion, including yourself.  Show your respect for the Earth by giving back in some way. These are the possibly symbolic message from Turtle and the realms of Spirit.