Otter is the symbol of Female Energy. Otter represents balancing the yin yang, the masculine feminine within. Playfulness, kindness, and gracefulness is also keywords I use to describe this symbol. If Otter is trying to send you a message thru symbology then you might think about becoming playful and easy-going in all you do. Are you being a little too serious right now? Is your femininity in balance with your masculinity? Both men and women have female energy and Otter may be asking you to embrace this side of yourself. Otter just allows life to unfold and doesn't try and manipulate situations for its personal benefit. Otter thinks of the whole tribe, not just self. Otter symbolizes never being jealous or catty with others. Perhaps this message can be applied to your current situation in some way? Otter teaches us to be open for the gifts and abundance that the Universe is sending and not block that natural flow by the male ego. Are you open to receiving? This could also be a message that more heart and understanding needs to be applied to perhaps your children? Otter lives on land but is always close to water, so maybe you could find a water source to sit by while meditating on these concepts. Go deep within and ask yourself what message Otter is trying to deliver. It's sure to put you back on the track in the natural flow of life while you soak in the pools of female energy!