Snake is a symbol of our fire within; Alchemy, transmutation and the kundalini. Snake can represent poison, sexuality, psychic energy, reproduction and immortality. Snake is a strong magical symbol which usually indicates the need to transmute something in your life. Maybe a positioning situation happening in your life right now where Snake is showing you how to take that negative energy and transmute it into something healthy. As Snake sheds skin it lets go of the past and embraces the new. Being one with Snake is being one with change. Is there something you need to let go of right now? This symbol could also be showing you that transmuting your inner fire energy is needed for success is something you are doing. The fire energy of Snake can either make you or break you. Use the power for the good of all by transmuting negativity into something positive. What are your desires right now? Are they healthy or hindering your life in negative ways? Like the rattle on a snake, this could be a warning message that you are becoming too close to a dangerous situation. Go within to discover the personal message Snake is trying to deliver because this is a very personal message indeed and only you will know what this means for you. Trust your instincts and don't let the position of desire overtake you. These could be the symbolic messages of snake - watch your step!