Deer Symbolism

 The symbolism of deer is kindness and gentleness. The deer symbol is unconditional love and compassion for every living creature. If Deer is trying to speak with you then it's probably a message that whatever problem you are facing right now could benefit from applying kindness and gentleness to yourself and others.

Maybe you are having a conflict with someone and you can't help but argue whenever you are around each other? The deer symbol is asking you to look at the other person through the eyes of compassion and love. Look for the good qualities in this person and truly be open and understanding to what they are saying. Ask yourself why the situation is making you feel so bad. When you understand this, you will no longer need that lesson, and in your heart you can thank the person that brought this awareness to you. If you are able to do this, the problem will fade away. Deer symbolism is showing you that conflict cannot survive in the realms of love. So I'm sure you can apply this to your own situation somehow. It's not always easy but it does work.

Deer symbolism is gentleness in strength. If you do not have any conflicts in your life right now that needs compassion and gentleness, than this deer symbol could be indicating you will have a sweet loving day and to show this same to others. It's always a good symbol when you see a deer. Be as kind to self and others as you can. Know in your heart that all is well.