Hawk - The Messenger of the Gods. When you see the symbol of Hawk come into your awareness then you should know that a divine message from Spirit is being sent to you. Take a break from what you are doing and examine your life from a higher perspective. Become observant of everything around you. Connect to the element of Air - The Higher Mind. When I see Hawk, I think of details from a broad perspective. and viewing my life problems or situations from a  higher divine perspective. Hawk usually signals a time where something significant in your life is about to happen; a crossroads perhaps. Maybe a new opportunity is on the way but will require looking at it through a different perspective to realize the value. Or it could be a message from Spirit of impending danger and to be observant of your next actions; or a wrong turn you are about to take. What does your gut say about this? Try stepping back and looking at all the different angles of your life. This could help guide you to the right decision. What does your gut feel? You know what this message is referring to, trust it. Whatever the message is will be up to you to discover for yourself because this is a very personal symbol coming to you but your heart and higher mind already know the message, so find it! Hawk ask you to seek the truth within. All the right answers and choices are available to you within yourself. Live your deepest truths; look over your life from the heights of the divine perspective; find the details you are missing and look for the message being given. Honor Hawk through honoring your divine wisdom!