Elk symbolizes Strength and Stamina. Have you been pushing yourself too hard lately? Elk is asking you to pace yourself so you won't get burnt out before you reach your goal. Elk is able to go the long haul through a nice steady pace showing extreme stamina and not using all energy is short bursts, like Mountain Lion. If the symbol of Elk is appearing in your awareness take a look over your projects and goals, ask yourself if you have the energy levels to successfully complete them at this time, or do you need to slow your life pace down a bit? You don't have to completely stop but rather keep a strong steady pace. You might have to refine your objectives or give yourself more time to complete your long term goals, or you could face tripping over yourself, bringing injury or illness. Elk could be showing you that your health is coming close to a breaking point. Illness could appear as a way for your body to get the break it probably needs. There is no reason to take it that far. Just re-adjust your plans and slow the pace down for a while if need be. Also Elk is about the community and socializing with members of your own gender so perhaps you need some time to socialize with a group of friends? A relaxing night out might help. Don't let your energy reserves run low . Whatever the case, Elk is a message of stamina, so pace yourself before you get sick and are forced to stop.
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