Elder Futhark Rune Meanings - GEBO

Rune Meaning Gebo - Gift or Generosity
Alternative Names
Anglo-Friesian/Germanic: Gebo
Old Norse: Gyfu
Old English: Gyfu
Other Names/Spellings: Gebu, Geuua, Geofu, Giba, Gifu.

Gebo equates to the letter G in our common alphabet.

Gebo is the seventh rune of eight, of the first aett. It is the rune of communication, partnership and unions. The energy of this rune is to exchange experience. We have to learn how to give when we have plenty and we must know how to ask in times we truly need input to continue the way. This rune represents places where our paths intersect with others and gives us the opportunity to form relationships. Such relationships are strengthened and sanctified by the exchange of gifts, both tangible and intangible like having a most wonderful conversation sharing similar interests.  We express our love through Self, reflected with others or within our environment. It is the divine spark of two kennaz runes reflecting each other creating a whole in total balance; or for that matter two Isa runes crossing each other, creating divine absence of creation.

From the historical rune poems about Gebo we get:
The Anglo Saxon rune poem translated tells us:"Generosity brings credit and honour, which support one's dignity; it furnishes help and subsistence to all broken men who are devoid of aught else."

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Gebo is the rune of exchange of energy measured by the gift of time.

Keywords: gifts, giving, taking, trade, sacrifice, process of exchange, balance, compensation

This video contains one of my rune poems that can be used for meditation with the energy of Gebo.

Blessings ~Sigha Manning