The Sun

The Sun is the most powerful force in our solar system symbolic of consciousness, vitality, and self-expression within each one of us. The Sun is of the Fire element and fuels our drive for life while living this human and spiritual experience towards greater self awareness and spiritual consciousness. Without the Sun there would be no life as it's literally the life-force behind everything that we know of. In ancient times it's thought that people worshiped the Sun as a god, yet this is a misconception. The ancients did not perceive the Sun itself as a god but rather the spiritual consciousness that was behind the source of light. It's no surprise our ancestors came to that conclusion. Just walk outside and have a look around. What is the most obviously powerful force of life in nature in regards to something beyond us? The Sun!

The Sun SymbolThe Sun has been Earth's most consistent routine force for thousands of years, rising and setting in a predictable fashion for what seems like forever, but it would be a mistake to think that it's never ending. What if one day the Sun didn't rise?  Earth's time is not spiritual time and so what seems like forever down here in our small reality is far from forever in the larger frame of existence. Never take this force for granted and honor the Sun in all you do which in return is honoring yourself and the human experience we live in. The universe is made up of two principles - Masculine and Feminine which we all have both principles within regardless of our sexual orientation or what body our consciousness took as a shell in this life. The Sun represents the Masculine side of this duality - a penetrating force, will, desire, action, ego, courage, leadership, joy, creativity, confidence, inspiration, and optimism. Without the Sun there is no life; their is no you. You are the Sun - you are literally the center of your universe. This is not to fuel your ego but rather enables you share your light and consciousness with the whole perceiving yourself just as important as the next element of consciousness, as we are all connected as one yet the rays of light are many. The type of consciousness your own Sun takes on in your life greatly depends on which of the 12 zodiac signs your Sun was in during your birth. If you have the symbology of the Sun coming into your awareness then go outside and soak up the rays; find more joy in your life; be creative and be appreciative of everything you have. Share your personal brilliance with others! This is symbology of the Sun - life!