Elder Futhark Rune Meanings - WUNJO

Rune Meaning Wunjo - Joy
Alternative Names
Anglo-Friesian/Germanic: Wunjo
Old Norse: Wynn
Old English: Wynn
Other Names/Spellings: Winja, Wungo, Wunja, Wunju, Wen, Vend

Wunjo equates to the letter W and V in our common alphabet.

Wunjo is the rune of joy; of happiness and things finally coming together. The energy of this rune brings a lot of healing, laughter is a good medicine! It is the spirit activating the mind and the body that follows all impulses that flows forth from that. Wunjo can be seen as the body / mind and spirit concept that is working in alignment without any form of chaos / disorder present. Wunjo embodies the state of bliss and the ecstasy that flows forth from the kundali energies activated by the power of the Kennaz Rune that pushes consciousness towards a sense of enlightenment. Wunjo is true love that knows no form of judgement. The essence of the rune is pure, even when opposing forces are present. Wunjo is highly respected within natural law, this rune does not break any balance when active so it will and can never challenge negative influence to enter itself at core.

From the historical rune poems about Wunjo we get:
The Anglo Saxon rune poem translated tells us: "Who uses it knows no pain, sorrow nor anxiety, and he himself has prosperity and bliss, and also enough shelter."    

Wunjo is the rune of all joy and pleasure that comes with reaching a goal or receiving that one wished for. Keywords: joy, harmony, fellowship, accomplishment, prosperity, contentment, optimism, wishful thinking

This video contains one of my rune poems that can be used for meditation with the energy of Wunjo.

Blessings ~Sigha Manning