Elder Futhark Rune Meanings - FEHU

Fehu Elder Futhark Rune
Fehu - Rune Meaning: Cattle or Wealth
Alternative Names
Anglo-Friesian/Germanic: Fehu
Old Norse: Fe
Old English: Feoh
Other Names/Spellings: Faihu, Fé, Feh, Feo

Fehu equates to the letter F in our common alphabet.

To the farming peoples of ancient Europe, wealth was measured in cattle. You could drive a herd to another place and sell for a profit, or you could trade them for almost any commodity. Today we trade our goods mostly with the use of money. Fehu also symbolizes all physical things that have come into existence through hard work or with the use of creative force making greater use of things already provided. The first Rune of the Elder Futhark Cycle also connects to spiritual wealth, all inner wisdom that is achieved and gained through healing mental injuries. To be ignorant of your talents doesn't mean you have none, they only still are undiscovered. Focussing on Fehu will help one find a new point of view that will become ready to be explored, setting out for a new direction in life, a new beginning.

From the historical rune poems about Fehu we get: 
An Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem translated says:
"Wealth is a consolation to all men, Yet much of it must each man give away. If glory he desire To gain before his god."

The Icelandic Poem translated says:
"Wealth source of discord among kinsmen, fire of the sea and path of the serpent."

From Old Norse we get:
Wealth is a source of discord among kinsmen; the wolf lives in the forest.

Keywords: money, cattle, wealth, luck, health, realized ambition, personal power, new beginnings

This video contains one of my rune poems that can be used for meditation with the energy of Fehu.
Blessings ~Sigha Manning