The symbol of Alligator is that of Integration.
Alligator can teach us the importance of slowing down in daily life so we can fully integrate all that is before us. The saying "everything has it's right place and time" is the message of Alligator as this creature understands how to fully digest both the pleasures and pains that life has to offer when those lessons come in their proper timing. Alligator knows about patience and will wait as long as needed, taking in all information of a situation before deciding to act. If you have the symbology of Alligator coming into your awareness then this could be a message that you need to slow down and fully integrate the life lessons that have been brought to you recently. Are you feeling beat up by life lately? Alligator could be showing you that you have become too rigid and serious in your daily life, passing too many judgments on people and situations? Maybe it's time to laugh at all this, which we call life? Don't take yourself and life so seriously. It's important to realize that all lessons are for wisdom and soul growth. Perhaps you are not fully aware of all the details and information of the situation bringing you down? Things could become more clear with time. It's possible life is lining these circumstances up for you right now to help you grow and learn and become a more balanced person. Whatever is happening may seem harsh and unfair in the moment but much later after all has had time to play out properly, you will see the value in this lesson life is sending you. Stop passing judgments and blaming others, this is for your own good. The message from Alligator could very well be that you are not seeing something in it's proper perspective and you need to be patient and trust the process. Have faith in forces beyond yourself. We are all a part of a much bigger plan. Everything is playing out just the way it should and with "time" you will see this as well. Alligator symbology is asking you to enjoy every moment of your day, taking it all in - both the positives and the challenges. It's important to remain flexible and roll with life's punches or you could find yourself struggling to stay afloat. You only have proper perspective on the joys of 'light' filled days based on the times of 'darkness' you've experienced. Take full responsibility for your life and know that better times are on the way. Everything always changes. If those better times are already here, then take the time to fully appreciate and integrate all that is before you! These are the possible symbolic messages of Alligator. Honor this symbol by going with the flow of your life.