Horse is a very important symbol and is that of personal power, knowledge, wisdom, sacrifice, sharing, strength, endurance, and is symbolic of some kind of message to be brought forth.

If you have Horse coming to you in some form or through symbolism then this could be a message to find your personal power to overcome something difficult or challenging.

Horse could also be showing you that you may need to balance your power at this time. Are you using your personal power in a balanced way, or are you letting ego control you and your actions?

Horse is a very sacred animal and should always be treated with the utmost respect. If it was not for the Horse than humans would not have progressed as far and quick as we have on this journey. Horse has given us many gifts and we need to follow this action and give our many gifts back to the community. We owe a lot to the Horse and by honoring this power animal we honor ourselves and our special unique talents we came here to share with others, just like the Horse.

You will never see a wild Horse living off somewhere alone. This power animal needs others and wants to be around others to feel content. Horse is very loyal to family and tribe. Horse does not run away from the huge responsibility it has to all the members of the tribe and will always remain close to them and support them on the journey towards the destination of wisdom & survival. Horse is a great example of how to live life with strength, power and perseverance.

The message from Horse could be to live your life in a similar way, finding your personal power and strength using it for the good of the whole tribe. Through Horse, Spirit may be asking you to balance the ego, find compassion, live with integrity and share your talents and abilities with the world! There is no doubt you have the strength and endurance to live up to your responsibilities. Be like the Horse and find your strength, use your power for the good of all, and release the ego once and for all. Never forget to honor this power animal as sacred, in doing so you honor yourself and others with balanced power.