Grouse is associated with The Great Spiral. This is symbolic of personal power and the never ending cycles of life and death. This bird represents personal vision and enlightenment.. When one seeks answers on a vision quest, it is the power of Grouse that carries the universal wisdom around the spiral to the seeker. If you have the symbolism of Grouse appearing in your awareness than this could be a message to seek higher enlightenment and wisdom for your current difficulties. Perhaps you need to find some time away so you can connect to Spirit? Does your life flow in harmony with the cycles of Earth? Find alone-time and move in the rhythm of the Grouse dance. This is a gift from Spirit and will help you find the balance you seek. Connect with this flow and your personal power will become clear. Choices and decisions will suddenly seem easy and you'll know the right direction to take. Watch for the synchronicities in your life, they are clues letting you know you're on the right path. Honor this symbol; let your body move with the flow of life and use your personal power to your advantage. Go dancing, let loose and become like the Grouse dancing the sacred spiral of wisdom!