Weasel is symbolic of being stealthy. Weasel has the ability to get close without being detected, therefore having the ability to see much more than other creatures in the animal kingdom. Weasel is the spy and is able to know things that are beneath the surface. This little creature also has the ability to know why something is happening and that is because Weasel has overheard all the plans being made by others. If Weasel is sending you a message then you are being asked to use stealth at this time. It's time to heighten your perceptions and develop your inner knowing. Trust your instincts. If you are worried or confused about something, use the power of Weasel to see into the dark and find the hidden answers. You will learn to know if people are being truthful with you are not. You'll understand their motives before anyone else and as a result not be caught off guard making it easier to make the best and wisest decisions. Weasel gets a bad rap, but only by those lacking the power. Trust yourself - be the detective. Honor what you find. The truth is out there. This is the symbolism of Weasel!