Porcupine symbolism is that of childlike innocence. Humility, joyfulness, playfulness, trust and faith are also keywords used to describe this creature. Although Porcupine has painful looking quills, it's rare for Porcupine to use them. These quills are only used for self-protection. Porcupine is not an aggressive animal at all, it has more of a youthful, childlike innocence when just being alive on planet Earth is a wonderful reason to express joy and contentment. If Spirit is sending you a message through Porcupine symbology then you might want to ask yourself if you have the trust and faith in your purpose here on Earth? It's time to find your faith again. Maybe you have been poking others with your quills unnecessarily? If so Porcupine is trying to show you that reconnecting with your childlike self and the innocence of your youthful imagination could be helpful for you right now. Find the joy in life, relax and take things easy. Have you been hurt recently? Try and understand that all experiences in our life are for a purpose of lessons and soul growth. Have trust in this realization and let the hurt of the past go, focusing more of your attention on the present moment. Live in the now! Enjoy your short time on this beautiful planet while you are here! Be easy-going and accept all experiences in the moment. These are the messages of Porcupine, embrace them through being playful!.