Many stories from American Indian tribes speak of Coyote but they all recognize the strong trickster element which is the main keyword for this symbol. Although Coyote is a trickster, this animal is still a very sacred divine creature. Coyote is the trickster in all of us. This spirit animal can teach us many things about ourselves that we may not realize yet. Coyote represents illusions, self-sabotage, humor, innocence, foolishness and disaster, but all under the sense of a cosmic joke more than say a cosmic punishment. It's not really a joke though. Often times spirit sends the energy of Coyote to situations that makes a person seem foolish, and yet everyone involved benefits from the illusions Coyote brings forth. Coyote helps us see things about our self and others that we normally would never know until we learn the lessons brought by Coyote. No one is more shocked by the results Coyote creates than self as Coyote takes self and everything in life so serious that this is possibly one message this spirit animal could be bringing you right now. Perhaps you need to find the joy of innocence? Have you been taking life a little too serious lately? Take a look at your life from a broader perspective and try and identify where this big cosmic joke that you are creating is coming from. Be careful you don't create unnecessary disaster in your life and be cautious of the path others are walking as well. Is there an opportunity coming into your life right now where you may be blocking abundance through self-sabotage? Don't over think it, balance mind with heart. Follow your instincts and let this power animal show you the light, or the truth yet thru an alternative perspective- of you and your current situation without your own self-deceptions getting in the way. Unfortunately to achieve this you might have to play the foolish part of Coyote for a little bit. Perhaps if it wasn't for the illusion you would never do what you're doing? The trickery could be a good reason for all involved even if that means you looking a bit silly for a while! Only you will know what this message is about. Try and understand that there is no victim in life, we create everything we experience even if only manifesting now from action eons ago. What you create now can often manifest in your next life, so be cautious yet open to the message that you might not otherwise have heard. Laugh at yourself, don't take life so serious; find the joy and remember it's fun to play silly sometimes . Others may laugh now, but you might just end up getting the last laugh. If you can do all this and learn something from it, then you'll have received a good dose of Coyote Medicine.