The power animal Lynx represents secrets. Lynx is the keeper of that which is hidden; knowing ancient secrets of time. Lynx doesn't necessarily speak of these secrets, but Lynx knows them. Lynx also symbolizes the need to know something that is forgotten or lost about yourself or others. Lynx power is having a type of clairvoyance; a knowing of what is. With Lynx power you are able to see the hidden secrets, self-deceptions and the hidden agendas of others. But if this symbol has appeared to you then it is also possible you are not seeing something about yourself. Do you have Lynx power and not know it, or some other unrealized talent or gift? Maybe this is a lost treasure that is trying to be found once again. Are you being honest with yourself and others right now? This could be the message Lynx is bringing you. Lynx could also be showing you that silence is needed in your life at this time. Maybe you are speaking about subjects to others that you should not be? It takes time, experience and wisdom to understand which messages should be spoken or kept private. The note of silence could be a message that retreat or alone time is needed, for getting answers to a question you might have had on your mind for a while? Maybe something you do not understand is happening right now? Whatever the personal message being sent to you by Lynx is, you can be sure that this strong intuitive power animal is trying to help you see something hidden about yourself or others.. Find the silence, go deep within and become conscious of any clairvoyant images or impressions you might be receiving. These images in your mind could be the lost secrets you are looking for!