Oak Tree Spirit Symbol

Every living thing has a spirit, including plants and trees. Have you ever set out on a walk in nature as you contemplate important questions of your life, only to find yourself, perhaps sitting under an Oak Tree? Well then, perhaps spirit was communicating with you thru the symbol of the Oak. Here is my interpretation of the spiritual symbology of Oak Tree:

Oak trees have much strength and stability so these are the main keywords I use for this symbol. Also there is a certain "Righteousness" when it comes to this tree vs others, The roots of an oak tree are very deep and far reaching, sometimes having a root system that is several hundred miles long. These traits of the Oak, could be part of the message spirit is sending you right now. Are you needing to find more strength at this time in your life? Perhaps Oak is suggesting that you are needing to slow down and do things "right". Oaks have the ability to weather passing storms because of their density and deep stable root system. It's possible spirit is asking you to ground yourself, like the Oak and take time to stabilize certain areas of your life in a very wise, traditional way, getting yourself a strong support system to help you with any challenges life is sending you at this time. It's also possible that the hidden aspects of your life that affects what is visible on the surface is in need of more integrity and depth. Paying more attention to what's hidden under the surface affecting your life could go a long way in healing what's become unstable.

The fruit of an Oak tree is called an Acorn, a capsule like shell holding one seed that takes about 6-18 months to mature. This could be a symbolic message that you need to work on re-stabilizing your life by planting a strong seed of intention that will take time to manifest, doing it slowly, nurturing your intention for maybe over a year before you start to see results. That's because Oak is not about doing anything fast. To get the density and strength of Oak it takes "time" and "hard" work. You have to think in terms of a solid foundation, done right in order to grow the magnificent branches above.

So in conclusion, we see Oak sending messages of "slowing down" "doing things right", needing "integrity", "depth", "strength" of character, "solid" foundation, willing to take "time", planting a seed of "intention", working on your shadow, or the underline hidden roots of your life affecting visible life, and weathering any storms by allowing what's old and dead to drop away freely so that energy can be used for growth in other areas of your life still ripe with energy. These are the possible messages being sent to you from spirit thru the mighty Oak tree. Sit silently under her branches, going deep within allowing Oak to speak to you personally and you'll discover your personal symbolic message from spirit.