My First Post - Spirit Symbols

  Welcome to my new blog "Spirit Symbols"! This is a place for me to write about connecting with Spirit through animal symbols and symbolism in general that might come into our awareness through out the day. I understand not everyone lives in a area where animal sighting are common but no matter where you live Spirit is always there trying to show you exactly what you need.  Here I work through the understanding that every living thing in nature has a Spirit - we are all one - connected to Spirit. Animals, plants, trees and all the elements are within us. Whenever you are lost or confused, meditate,  pray and look to nature for all your answers. If you are new to this concept then it's going to be like anything else new which will take time and practice to fully integrate into your lifestyle but once you do, you will never feel alone again. When you have a question, the answer will appear right in front of your eyes.

Feel free to bookmark, subscribe or favorite my blog. I will be posting about the different animals and other symbols along with interpreting Spiritual symbol card spreads on future posts. I might even do card readings if there is a interest from my readers. I am here to help anyone I can while also helping myself. Feel free to contact me about any questions are comments you may have.  Many blessings and thanks for reading!