Frog is the symbol of water and is also symbolic of the shaman; the womb, tears, cleansing, purification, fluidity to solidity, thunder, lightning and rain.  Frog is also associated with different planes of consciousness. Frog is very important in the world of symbolism and is why shamans have been working with Frog medicine for thousands of years, healing themselves and others with the Element Water which brings purification. Frog represents cleansing the mind, body and soul before a great leap forward on one of those planes of consciousness. If you have the symbolism of Frog appearing in your awareness then this could be a message that it is time to cleanse either your mind, body or soul. Perhaps all the above or even could be a message you need to act as a shaman for someone else and help them cleanse and purify. You will know if this message is for you or someone you care about and want to help. Frog could be asking you to take better care of yourself and find the needed time to bathe and cleanse the negativity away that may be accumulating in your body. Water is feminine, mother Earth energy that is nurturing and once submerged is healing. How often do you cry?  The message here may be that tears are what you need at this time and letting yourself feel the wide range of emotions within, accepting all emotion in the moment and then releasing that energy might be the solution you are needing at this time. Do not fight yourself, your tears will cleanse your soul so embrace the feelings within. Frog could be trying to lead you to water so finding a cold river, stream or lake in nature could be very helpful as well, maybe followed up by sitting in a hot spring? Even if you only get in for a moment, that cold, raw natural divine water will purify you! Maybe just going out in the rain and celebrating your existence could help? Or just a hot bath in your home! No matter what water source you use to purify your troubles within, do so while holding the image of Frog in your mind and let this divine creature help bring you the cleansing you need. Meditate on Frog power as you are submerged in these divine energies. Honor yourself by cleansing yourself!